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We believe that now is the moment to share this project with the world, we have been developing the Stopmotion Installation for a while but we think that now is the moment to start publishing things.


Multitouch Barcelona focused on relationships between people and technology presents an interactive art installation where visitors will be encouraged to bring their creativity to the limit. The piece will be focused on natural interaction: taking advantage of technology in order to make it invisible making things easier and accessible to everybody.

The main idea is an environment where participants are encouraged to make their own audiovisual clip thanks to an intelligent automatic stopmotion machine.

It is known that the creative process behind stopmotion makes ideas quality grow exponentially and engages people into a challenging creative experience.

Nowadays, it is one of the most common techniques in the digital and film industry. The main goal of our proposal is to bring the use of this technique closer to common people.

The Stopmotion Installation was showed in Chile at Sudala Festival and recently at the Pull&Bear Flagship store opening party in Madrid.

In Chile was the first time that we could show this to the masses and was a great experience in front of 3000 people. The people really loved it, as a result of the interaction made in Sudala we made this to share the installation results to the world: Sudala2010.

Also you could check the Sudala webpage: Sudala 2010

Sudala 2010

And other media:
Flickr 1 Flickr 2 Flickr 3 Flickr 4

Then we had the opportunity to show it in Madrid, due to the opening of the Pull&Bear flagship store.


Also you could take a look to the web of Pull&Bear and see the results here Pull&Bear MovMe.

This Stopmotion Installation is a work in progress so we never stop developing new addons for the installation. As is a work in progress we find very interesting always that we could, give the opportunity to try the installation to different people like what we did in the Offf atelier:

Atelier 1 Atelier 2

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